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Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel made out of Containers

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel front view

Living in a container is certainly an accommodation trend that goes beyond being just futuristic since it serves real needs under a low budget.

In this article Hidden Room will cover Sleeping Around which is a pop up hotel made out of 20 feet recycled sea containers.
Each of those containers are equipped with a box-spring bed, rain shower, iPod docking station and air conditioning making it a luxurious yet affordable way for someone to spend his/her night.

Containers are made in China and are usually leftovers from worldwide transportation companies which after serving their purpose are usually dumped in ports like Antwerp since the cost for shipping them back is huge.

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel offers the following services:

  • 4 star hotel room that offer a floating box-spring bed with high quality linen, XXL Hansgrohe Raindance Shower, Rituals amenities, Dyson air conditioning system and more
  • Lounge Container where breakfast is served
  • Sauna container where obviously you can enjoy your sauna

Current location for Sleeping Around is at the Rijnkaai (Waagnatie) in Antwerp, while on their official website they entertain other locations requests for relocation.

Sleeping Around Container Hotel Gallery

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel outside to inside view

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel Bedroom

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel inside to outside

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel dinner time

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel bedroom at night

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel at night

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