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Marine creatures by Verginiya Ivanova

Marine creatures by Verulka

Marine Creatures made with watercolor on white cardboard by Verginiya Ivanova, a 28 yr old female artist from Bulgaria. Verulka has a quite interesting deviant submissions covering art’s like painting, photography, ceramics, glass and more. Approximately size for this painting is 30×40 centimeters. Verulka used technique with plastic bag for [...]

September 16, 2012 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0

Red Scarf by Liu YaMing at Zhilan gallery

This an oil painting called “Red Scarf” by Liu YaMing currently shown at the Zhilan gallery in Singapore. Red Scarf painting has a very vibrant choice of colors while at the same time the model has an appealing look, the one that you can take back home and talk or [...]

September 15, 2012 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0

Flesh Love project by Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Haruhiko Kawaguchi is a Japanese photographer trying to keep love preserved forever by wrapping it with vacuumed plastic bags. His Flesh Love project presents couples wrapped up in 100 by 150 by 74 centimeters plastic bags, for 10 to 20 seconds that the photo shoot lasts performers have to endure [...]

September 12, 2012 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0

Theodoros Papagiannis Sculpture Installation

Theodoros Papagiannis sculpture

Theodoros Papagiannis is a greek Sculptor, born in Elliniko village at Ioannina, in 1942. He is a graduate of Athens School of Fine Arts(1966) while in 1967 he studied ancient Greek Art and the Art of the Mediterranean Basin where his Mediterranean journeys took him to Egypt, Asia Minor, Cyprus, [...]

September 8, 2012 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0

Zhang Huan artwork, Q-Confucius No. 2

Zhang Huan Q Confucius No-2 artwork

Zhang Huan contemporary artwork Q-Confucius No.2 is a three dimensional sculpture out of silicon, steel, carbon, fibre and acrylic that shows the portrait of Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher of the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history. Artwork was exhibited in Rockbund Art Museum seated in the north end of the famous Bund [...]

August 30, 2012 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0

Big Appetites Project by Boffoli

Candymen Big Appetites project by Christopher Boffoli

Christopher Boffoli a Seattle-based photographer, writer, artist and filmmaker. His Big Appetites Project was born from his media exposure as child where he saw tine people living in a normal-sized world. This kind of cultural theme is connected with Jonathan Swift’s Gilliver’s Travels in the 18th century and now Boffoli [...]

August 28, 2012 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0