Yangyang Pan’s Colorful Abstract Paintings

Yangyang Pan is an artist “coming from away” to put it in her own words since she immigrated to Canada(2006) after completing her art education at the Sichuan Fine Art Institute in China. She first started exploring art through digital mediums, but later on, she was attracted to traditional painting as a better way to self-express her ideas.

Her works bridge East and West, while her joyful paintings host symbols of flowers and gardens, which Yangyang Pan says are metaphors for growth and transformation.

Her artwork focuses on chromatic lyrism, using nostalgic moments wrapped in wild and joyful colours.

Yangyang Pan is currently living and working in Toronto. Her work has been exhibited throughout Canada and US, as well as in Italy and China and she has participated in numerous commissioned works such as Apple, Amour Vert, Holt Renfrew, and Anthropologie.

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