What happens when two guys / CorridorDigital, a GoPro Hero+ Black and a DJI Phantom II quadcopter come together?

This is a POV video showing Superman’s eyes view as he flies around Los Angeles doing his everyday job, rescuing a girl from a flaming building, stopping some bad guys from running away from

the cops etc. Video has been created using a Go Pro Hero3+ Black pov camera and with the help of a DJI Phantom II quadcopter it flew over LA giving us another perspective of the city.

Li Hongbo is using stacks of layered paper to create statues that move, flex and contort into unreal shapes.

Kid Guy Collective created a video showing Li Hongbo art in motion, the video was recorded in 240fps.

This is how Snowflake is forming as recorded under a microscope from Vyacheslav Ivanov in St. Petersburg.

This is a mesmerising microscopic timelapse of a snowflake.

A la Française is a graduation short animation movie by Julien HazebroucqEmmanuelle LeleuMorrigane BoyerWilliam LortonRen Hsien hsu

AWARDS The Oscars - Preselection Best in Show Award - SIGGRAPH Festival (2013) Best Character Animation - ANIMAGO Festival (2013) Short Film Audience - COLCOA Festival (2013) Honorable Mention for Best Characters - VIEW Festival (2013) Jury Junior Prize - MONSTRA Festival (2013) Public Prize - COMPIEGNE Festival (2013) 1st Prize - PANAM ANIM Festival (2012) Jury Prize - SEQUENCE COURT Festival (2013) White Poplar Prize - ANIWOW Festival (2012) Best Direction Prize - ANIWOW Festival (2013) 1st National Prize - ROANNE Festival (2013) SACD Prize - PARIS COURTS Festival (2012) Humor Prize - NUITS MAGIQUES Festival (2012)

Japanese high-speed train Shinkansen travelling from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo was the core idea of Daihei Shibata for creating a great video sequence probably using mirror effect and vertical flip effect combination, the video was shot by OLYMPUS EP-1(PEN). It seems that Daihei Shibata isn't the only japanese that got inspired by Shinkansen, Darwinfish105 shot the Hyper Drive video sequence using a Panasonic DMC-GH3. https://vimeo.com/68546202 Although they seem similar in my opinion the angle of their camera in front of the train for versus the side from Daihei Shibata really makes a difference.