Chun Hua Catherine Dong is a Chinese born performance artist living and working in Canada. Her current research, “Performance Ethnography: a Method of Inquiry in Research of Visualization,” is supported by Canada Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts and British Columbia Arts Council.

The Double performance by Chun Hua Catherine Dong is a series of gestures made by sixteen females that wear red mouthpieces and white bath towels. Each female is standing in a row next to the other, facing the same direction and repeating every five minutes three still gestures: Standing, Kneeing, and lying on the floor. Artist quote about her artwork:   The gestures in the performance are inspired by gargoyle, a legendary stone-carved grotesque with a spout that normally is designed to convey water from a roof. Mouth serves as the opening for food intake and in the articulation of

sound and speech. However, when performers wear the mouthpieces, or when women’s mouth is forced to open, the mouth loses its function. In fact, it silences and disables the women because they are unable to talk when their mouths are widely pulled open. This performance explores another side of the unseen and unspoken—the vulnerability, struggle, shame, and suffering that we are uneasy to share and expose while examining multifaceted struggles of a woman associated with identity, gender, and sexuality in order to reveal the struggle and conflict rooted in oppressed individuals and groups. [toggle title="Performers"] Alida Esmail, Karoline Lebrun Emily…

Leah Gregg is a photographer or as she writes in her website: a visual storyteller and creative instigator, living in Vancouver, BC - Canada.

Among her collections #EastVanLove, Empire.State.Ment, instant-gramification, postcards from PVR collection, onetwofiveVANCOUVER collection, Granville island collection, south-east Asia collection and Mediterranean collection I chose to present in Hidden Room Art Blog the latter one. Decision was made because I liked the way someone coming from a culture completely different than the Mediterranean shot these photos giving us a fresh perspective.