Vimeo staff picks is great place to find interesting artistic videos from all over the world.

HiddenRoom's pick is So long my Hong Kong by Gregory Kane. Gregory lived in Hong Kong for the past six years and moved from there recently so he made a farewell video for the city he called home. So long my Hong Kong was shot on the Sony RX100(link) while editing was done using Final Cut Pro X(link).

Animatronics are a series of techniques and special effects mostly used in movie making but also in amusement parks and entertainment industry in general for creating cartoon like characters as physical objects than can move naturally in front of the camera.

Gustav Hoegen is a talented digital artist that develops animatronic effects, prosthetic makeup effects for TV and Film. In this video, you can see an amazing animatronics showreel of his recent work such as Doctor Who, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Clash of The Titans, Prometheus and more. Enjoy!