Asia Now Paris Art Far 2019 opened its doors to the public on October 16th and is soon to end, October 20th. Asia Now's mission is to show the diversity of Asia’s contemporary art scene. The art fair curator is X Zhu-Nowell, Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim New York, featuring the IRL {In Real Life} programme which hosts an emerging generation of artists who are digital natives and hyperlinks them with the internet technology. The IRL {In Real Life} Platform The IRL {In Real Life} Platform is made up of four sections, Unboxing, Peer-to-Peer, Hyperlink, and Chat Room, inspired by the web interaction frameworks. You can take a look at some of the artworks which belong to each of the IRL Platform sections below. Unboxing The Unboxing section features new projects which will be revealed- or unboxed-

live to the art fair visitors. Section's name is taken from the popular Youtube Unboxing presentations where a YT user will buy a product and create a video while unboxing it, explaining it's features, pros and cons. Peer-to-Peer This section is inspired by the decentralized computer network systems which used to be the home of the open file sharing system such as Napster and BitTorrent. Visionary collectors will showcase works from their collections at the fair, as well as discussing them. Hyperlink The Hyperlink will host performances which will run for the duration of the fair and will be activated throughout the entire grounds, at various times. Chat Room The Chat Room section will connect artists, collectors, curators, thinkers, and gallerists together in an effort to create the ground for informal discussions for a wide range of topics.