Keltie Ferries New York painter exhibition

Keltie Ferris is 35 yr old artist(Louisville, KY) living and working Brooklyn, New York.

Keltie made her solo debut in NY with Horton Gallery back in 2008 and from that time she has been featured in a series of exhibitions like solo presentation at the NADA Art Fair, Miami and a two-person presentation at The Armory Show, New York.

Keltie Ferris Red, Yellow and Blueprint at Horton Gallery

Her abstract paintings are large mirroring they aggressive vibrations of New York City. Keltie is using sprayed oil paint with hand-painted grounds using a brush and knife in order to crave desired forms out of the sprayed haze.

Keltie Ferris at Horton Gallery 4

At the moment artist is represented by Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

Keltie Ferris at Horton Gallery 1

Keltie Ferris Wanda Bar at Horton Gallery

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