Metahism by Patrick Laumond

Metahism is the featured artwork by French artist Patrick Laumond.

His artwork consists in paradigms(a Greek word that describes distinct concepts in science) and the most recognized feature is “The Stain” which appears as a mono-colour in a multidimensional space trying to create questions between the relation of illusion and reality.

This is how Laumond describes his artworks.

My search is about how to express a model of the whole universe in a comprehensive body of work. I explored the notion of the void, creating works that generate a multidimensional space and seem to destabilize our assumptions about the world and express dualities such as reality and illusion, solidity and intangibility, certainty and uncertainty…
How to shape questioning, doubts, assumptions and human condition?
In this conceptualization it appears I can express any form of representation or thoughts in a paradigm of unity.


Laumond’s geometrical drawings.
L'Origine de la Matrice

Attraction Structurelle

Le Grand Mikado de la Pensée Humaine


Laumond’s complex and geometrical installations.
In Vain

L 28 P


Rupture spatiale 0-1

Schématisation identitairement similaire

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