This is how Snowflake is forming as recorded under a microscope from Vyacheslav Ivanov in St. Petersburg.

This is a mesmerising microscopic timelapse of a snowflake.

Year 2011 was considered to be the worst one for Elephant slaughtering from the time 1989 global ivory ban. National Geographic and reporter Bryan Christy decided to elaborate more on this tragic fact and make a story out of it in order to show who hides behind this mass slaughter.

Illegal kenyan ivory poaching

Illegal Ivory Trafficking

THE PHILIPPINES CONNECTION Santo Nino(Holy Child of Cebu) is the nation’s most important religious icon, this icon is so strong that some Filipinos believe the Santo Nino de Cebu is Christ himself. Religion icons are always praised and in this case, every Filippino has a wooden or fibreglass made miniature Santo Nino icons. For some fibreglass or wooden icon is not enough, they want to show their faith by having a Santo Nino icon made by elephant ivory. THE CATHOLIC-MUSLIM UNDERGROUND The Vatican has not signed the CITES treaty so its not subject to the ivory ban and in…

Penguins are some of the most bizarre animals on our planet.

They are cute and mysterious at the same time making some of the best topics for every animal photographer in the world. (more…)

This is Rajan! A famous elephant from India for swimming on saltwater, in fact, he is considered to be the only elephant around the world swimming on sea.

We just hope so he doesn't become a tourist attraction that will spoil his fun times swimming... (more…)