Saturday 18th August 2018,
Sheng Fi from Zhanjiang (Guangdong) tries to commit suicide

Shocking pics with Sheng Fi from Zhanjiang (Guangdong), China trying to commit suicide

Apparently Sheng Fi committed a horrible crime herself by killing her 4 yr old nephew by throwing him off  the building’s roof top. Sheng Fi was finally saved and will probably get herself executed by the Chinese fire squad… [...]

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Wire Car by Tshepo Tuki

Tshepo “Tuki” an orphan African boy got to see his work in Museum of Modern Art

Being an orphan from a young age 16 years old Tshepo “Tuki” from Makuleke village in rural South Africa was lucky and skilled enough to see his work in Museum of Modern Art(M.O.M.A.). This young African boy “Tuki” was invited to N.Y.C. in order to see his “wire car” artwork being a part of the “Century of the Child” exhibition [...]

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Beijing Opera in China

Chinese Opera Scene

This is the famous Chinese Opera which belongs in the three oldest dramatic art forms in the world(along with Greece tragic comedy and Indian Sanskrit Opera). Trey Ratcliff shot this beautifil pic where someone can see how intense is their faces and hands movement. Credit The Opera Scene by Trey Ratcliff [...]

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Givenchy haute couture autumn 2012

Givency Autumn/Winter haute couture under Riccardo Tisci is quite impressive, gupsy bohemia along with high fashion bring a rather darkly enthralling result. Givency Autumn/Winter haute couture Gallery Credit Givenchy [...]

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Spotted Lake Osoyoos in British Columbia

Spotted Lake, Osoyoos in British Columbia

Spotted Lake is located northwest of Osoyoos in British Columbia. Its a saline endothermic alkali lake and in the summer most of the water from the lake evaporates leaving behind all the minerals to show as large spots. Colors of the spots vary depending of the mineral composition(mostly made of magnesium sulfate) at the given [...]

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Forest fire at Chios island, Greece

Chios island, Greece wildfires

For the second day in a row this small Greek island is devastated by wildfires that have already burned over 50 thousand acres of land. People have abandoned their villages because of the wildfire running through them. Wildfires Night Video from Chios island [...]

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