German artist Patrick Faulwetter initially started designing as an architecture then moved into automotive design and later on he moved into concept design working for the entertainment industry.

On his website you will find lots of his artwork while in his blog you can review his concept sketches…

This is what a wedding proposal is all about: One man on his knees One woman crying out of happiness...

and lots of shots of tequila some years after. Enjoy!

A day at the beach in the beautiful greek island of Rhodes could include time travelling back to ancient Greece where Spartans ruled as the dominant military land-power.

Oh, wait! What does Rhodes have to do with Sparta?

Being an orphan from a young age 16 years old Tshepo "Tuki" from Makuleke village in rural South Africa were lucky and skilled enough to see his work in the Museum of Modern Art(M.O.M.A.).

This young African boy "Tuki" was invited to N.Y.C. in order to see his "wire car" artwork being a part of the "Century of the Child" exhibition that runs at M.O.M.A. through 5th of November. His "wire car" artwork is made from recycled material and its a common toy in Makuleke village. (more…)

This is the famous Chinese Opera which belongs in the three oldest dramatic art forms in the world(along with Greece tragic comedy and Indian Sanskrit Opera).

Trey Ratcliff shot this beautifil pic where someone can see…