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Naoshima Art Island in Japan

Naoshima Art Island located in the Seto Inland Sea is the home an impressive contemporary art collection that every art lover should visit once in his/her lifetime. This small island used to be a calm fishing community until 1985 where [...]

November 14, 2012 Culture & Art
Haruhiko Kawaguchi Flesh Love

Haruhiko Kawaguchi interview about Flesh Love

We previously covered Flesh Love Project by Haruhiko Kawaguchi and we thought his artwork was interesting enough to request him an interview, so we did…. Haruhiko aka Photographer Hal was kind enough to accept out request so without further ado [...]

November 12, 2012 Culture & Art

Flesh Love project by Haruhiko Kawaguchi

Haruhiko Kawaguchi is a Japanese photographer trying to keep love preserved forever by wrapping it with vacuumed plastic bags. His Flesh Love project presents couples wrapped up in 100 by 150 by 74 centimeters plastic bags, for 10 to 20 [...]

September 12, 2012 Culture & Art
Chinese boat surrounded by japan coast guard vessels

Chinese boat surrounded by japan coast guard vessels

Japan coast guard vessels are surrounding Chinese boat detaining activists for landing on an island that is considered as a grey zone since bot Japan and China are claiming this island. Information! Island is known as the Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu [...]

August 18, 2012 World