Canadian designer Thibault SLD Hexi is an interactive array of 60 hexagonal modules embedded with mechanical servos that use data from a nearby depth camera to physically respond to nearby motion just like a moving wallpaper.

This years Oscar ceremony was more social than ever.

Hollywood Movie Stars like Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Lady Jennifer Lawrence along with Ellen DeGeneres show a selfie that was instantly shared on Ellen DeGeneres twitter account. This tweet got a record high of 2.6 million retweets being the most retweeted tweet of all time.

This is how Snowflake is forming as recorded under a microscope from Vyacheslav Ivanov in St. Petersburg.

This is a mesmerising microscopic timelapse of a snowflake.

A la Française is a graduation short animation movie by Julien HazebroucqEmmanuelle LeleuMorrigane BoyerWilliam LortonRen Hsien hsu

AWARDS The Oscars - Preselection Best in Show Award - SIGGRAPH Festival (2013) Best Character Animation - ANIMAGO Festival (2013) Short Film Audience - COLCOA Festival (2013) Honorable Mention for Best Characters - VIEW Festival (2013) Jury Junior Prize - MONSTRA Festival (2013) Public Prize - COMPIEGNE Festival (2013) 1st Prize - PANAM ANIM Festival (2012) Jury Prize - SEQUENCE COURT Festival (2013) White Poplar Prize - ANIWOW Festival (2012) Best Direction Prize - ANIWOW Festival (2013) 1st National Prize - ROANNE Festival (2013) SACD Prize - PARIS COURTS Festival (2012) Humor Prize - NUITS MAGIQUES Festival (2012)