This is how Snowflake is forming as recorded under a microscope from Vyacheslav Ivanov in St. Petersburg.

This is a mesmerising microscopic timelapse of a snowflake.

A la Française is a graduation short animation movie by Julien HazebroucqEmmanuelle LeleuMorrigane BoyerWilliam LortonRen Hsien hsu

AWARDS The Oscars - Preselection Best in Show Award - SIGGRAPH Festival (2013) Best Character Animation - ANIMAGO Festival (2013) Short Film Audience - COLCOA Festival (2013) Honorable Mention for Best Characters - VIEW Festival (2013) Jury Junior Prize - MONSTRA Festival (2013) Public Prize - COMPIEGNE Festival (2013) 1st Prize - PANAM ANIM Festival (2012) Jury Prize - SEQUENCE COURT Festival (2013) White Poplar Prize - ANIWOW Festival (2012) Best Direction Prize - ANIWOW Festival (2013) 1st National Prize - ROANNE Festival (2013) SACD Prize - PARIS COURTS Festival (2012) Humor Prize - NUITS MAGIQUES Festival (2012)

Kelly Nipper is a US artist born in 1971 in Edina, Minnesota. She is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts.

Nipper's artwork of Figure Underlay, Felt Overlay even though they show as static they seem to be in constant motion. Figure Underlay, Felt Overlay artwork was made with plaster, cardboard, wire, felt.

Stone Nudes by Dean Fidelman is a serie of photographs that got inspired and celebrate the human body through a three generation of women rock climbers.

In his book he presents over a hundred photographs of female rock climbers that he shot over the last ten years. His b/w approach is ideal for revealing the rock climbing spirit and the special connection it creates between the moving human body and the big rock

as an element of nature. Stripped out of any clothes female rock climbers show their bodies naked and full of strength giving us the chance to admire them free of any sexual cliches, Dean Fidelman writes "do not seek to sell or promote anything beyond the experience".  

Raised in an Indigenous environment filled with arts and culture, Natalie M. Ball uses visual art as a way to demonstrate her culture, her way.

Having studied Ethnic Studies at the University of Oregon and Indigenous Arts at Massey University in New Zealand, Ball examines and challenges the inconsistent and often problematic

narratives that surround Native America. Ball is a native of the Modoc and Klamath tribes of southern Oregon and exhibits work in countries across the world.   .