Saturday 18th August 2018,
Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel thumb

Sleeping Around Pop Up Hotel made out of Containers

Living in a container is certainly an accommodation trend that goes beyond being just futuristic since it serves real needs under a low budget. In this article Hidden Room will cover Sleeping Around which is a pop up hotel made out of 20 feet recycled sea containers. Each of those containers are equipped with a [...]

December 11, 2013 Makis Mourelatos Architecture 0
Party Forever by Naomi Okubo Painting 2013

Naomi Okubo, Contemporary Artist and Painter from Japan

Born in 1985, Naomi Okubo is a contemporary artist from Japan that is interested in the relationship between oneself and others or society and a contradiction that happen among the relationships. From an early age she was not sure how to relate with other people since she was afraid of what others would think about [...]

November 6, 2013 Makis Mourelatos Culture & Art 0
Street Photography in Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Tim Kelsall thumb

Street Photography Ethics by Tim Kelsall

Tim Kelsall is a professional social scientist and amateur photographer living in Phnom Penh at Cambodia where he is shooting photos in his spare time. Even though he calls himself an amateur photographer his work shows that he is more than that. In his latest blog post he is covering the ethics behind Street Photography [...]

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Kirkland Residence Remodeling thumb

Kirkland Residence Remodeling by Verge Architecture and Design

Verge Architecture and Design remodeled this Kirkland Residence(built in 2012) in a way that they would enable spectacular views, solar shading, nature ventilation and diminish solar heat gain in the summer months. photo by Graham Syed [...]

July 6, 2013 Makis Mourelatos Architecture 0
Tokyo Capturing video sequences from inside a speeding train

Tokyo: Capturing video sequences from inside a speeding train

Traveling in the Japanese high-speed train Shinkansen from Shinosaka to Tokyo. Japanese high speed train Shinkansen traveling from Shinosaka to Tokyo was the core idea of Daihei Shibata for creating a great video sequence probably using mirror effect and vertical flip effect combination, video was shot by OLYMPUS EP-1(PEN). It seems that Daihei Shibata isn’t [...]

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Woman 5 by Melanie Norris thumb

Woman Painting Series by Melanie Norris

Just recently I was browsing Vimeo for inspiration about my new posts here on Hidden Room. Thats when I stumbled to this video which was the part nine of the MakingArt Series by Jesse Brass. Featuring artist was Melanie Norris, she talked about her passion painting people in a way that she reveals the beauty [...]

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